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Berny Pålsson is a young author, who writes about her struggle against drugs, psychical problems and a difficult childhood. She became a cult character among teenagers throughout the country, with her autobiography “Vingklippt Ängel”. In this book Berny reflects on her journey between psychiatric institutions and rehabilitation clinics, schizophrenia, agony and medication. The director of the film has been following Berny during the process of publishing the new modestly hopeful, more visionary book, “Känn pulsen slå.“



Jury's Special Mention
- BUSTER - Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth

The film describes a girl who can neither take off nor find her footing in the world. She is outside and she is closed off inside herself in a little flat with the anxiety, the pills and the poetry as her escape. She writes of her pain with the greatest sensitivity and she becomes a mirror for other girls who cannot find rest. There is so much anxiety and so few who understand. It hurts to look at her – but we were also moved.

The film is edged, unrefined and indismissable – but feels extraordinarily important at the same time. This is why Berny Blue deserves a special mention from the jury.

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